уторак, 03. октобар 2017.

Zvuk u ograničenom prostoru / Klang in begrenztem Raum, Milan Milojković i Ivan Čkonjević

Zvuk u ograničenom prostoru / Klang in begrenztem Raum 
Milan Milojković i Ivan Čkonjević
(Attenuation Circuit ‎– ACP 1115)
Recorded in Novi Sad, 20.7.2017.
Ivan Čkonjević - sound objects and electronics,
Milan Milojković - ZvuGen (DIY programmabile sound generator).

photography by Dan Penschuck (feindesign.de)
design by EMERGE

Milan Milojković (1986), musicologist and computer electro-technician, interested in DIY systems for creatively controlled production of sound. Since 2010 he works as one of music editors at Radio Belgrade III programme, and since 2012 lives and works in Novi Sad (Academy of Arts), and performs with ensembles Нойзац and Ex You.


Ivan Čkonjević (1983) usually plays electric guitar as bowed instrument. He is one of the founders and organizers of Improstor concert series in Novi Sad. Besides solo work, he has a great list of collaborations with bands, writers, dancers, moviemakers etc.



released September 23, 2017.