среда, 21. јул 2010.


"Bardo.Vertep." is my fourth album,
second for NoEcho Records.

Idea was to make linear photographic
music. Andrei Tarkovsky defined film as
sculpting in time. Music on this album stands
as an attempt of opposite process, reducing
series of impressions to inner image - to inner

First piece is titled "EXP. Bardo.
Vertep.", and it was inspired by Olga
Tokarczuk's story from her book "Gra na wielu
bębenkach" ("Playing on Many Drums").
Second and third piece were inspired by places
alongside railroad from Belgrade to Subotica.
"EXP. Kroz prozor voza - svetla na horizontu"
is placed from first lights on horizon when
aproaching Novi Sad, to spot where last ones
disapear. "EXP. Srne" is located in plains between
Vrbas and Bačka Topola where often, in early
mornings, I see roe deers. They are always on the
same side of railtracks, it seems that they don't cross
over. Final piece, "EXP. Moja pesma će ti biti smešna"
is longer and rearanged version of music recorded
in 2008 for same titled short film by Milica Jovčić.

Only instrument on this album is electric guitar.
Sound was processed through effect pedals.

Release date> 27.7.2010.

Album is released as limited edition CD

+ 3 non album tracks (free download)

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